March 13, 2002 spout

This is Not a Blog

Web Logging (blogging) is the wave of the future. Blogging is re-making the internet. Blogging is journalism where everyone is the journalist. Blogging is all that and a bag of donuts.

OK. I guess so. I like blogs. I read a bunch of blogs. But most bloggers feel like they have to update their site at least once/day and most do it far more than that. Because of this, their blog entries end up looking like this:

[burb] Excuse me.

[google this!] [comment on this! (0 comments so far)]

It’s not that I don’t love to read a daily blow-by-blow of these peoples’ lives… oh, wait, no, it is that. Maybe a little filtering would be handy?

And while we’re on to the filtering thing, maybe we could drop the meta-comments about blogging itself? How cool could blogging really be if every other entry is about the power of blogging itself or, even worse, a link to somebody who linked to your cool description of the power of blogging?!?

Anyway, the spout is not a blog. I only update it when I think I’ve got something interesting to say (even if it’s something that only I’m likely to think is interesting), I don’t use any content management software (unless you count ASP.NET and FrontPage : ) and, except for this entry, I don’t spend any time talking about the wonder of blogging itself.