January 8, 2003 spout

New Year’s Resolution

I just flew in from 2002:

and boy are my arms tired! Even I look at that list and think holy workaholic, Batman!” Of course, I couldn’t have done all these things alone. I worked with fabulous co-authors and co-contributors. Thanks to you all and I look forward to working with you again in 2003!

In the new year, I have the following goals:

  • Make Ask The Wonk a fun experience for all involved (it just started on Monday, but it’s already great fun answering the level of questions I’ve received!)
  • Move the DevCons to the phones via the PhoneCons to avoid the expense and hassle of travel for everyone, while still maintain the power and charm of the DevCon
  • Get those .NET War Colleges humming! I *so* look forward to these
  • Several more releases of Genghis (a new release is already cooking)
  • A few more magazine articles (I’ve got a few already in the queue)
  • Finishing up the Rotor ref-counting project, publishing the code and the results
  • Re-org the web site a bit (again!)
  • Continuing the Wonder of Windows Forms column
  • Hanging on the Off Topic mailing list (still my favorite mailing list)
  • A couple of other projects that I’m dying to share with folks, but am sworn to secrecy…
  • Losing another 35 pounds (it’s a 2-year plan)
  • Find a way to take a vacation

We’ll see how I do this time next year, especially on those last two.