July 30, 2001 tools

ATL CRT Numbers

July 30, 2001

The following table lists the various prices you pay for using the CRT and the default Win98 support in VC6. The builds were done with VC6, SP3, ATL COM in-proc server, no classes, no MFC, no merged p/s:

Target CRT Win98 Size
RelMinSize _ATL_MIN_CRT yes 24KB
RelMinDepend _ATL_MIN_CRT yes 24KB
RelMinSize _ATL_MIN_CRT /opt:nowin98* 7KB
RelMinDepend _ATL_MIN_CRT /opt:nowin98 10KB
RelMinSize MSVCRT /opt:nowin98 20KB
RelMinDepend MSVCRT /opt:nowin98 22KB

*Note: /opt:nowin98 is a VC6 linker switch that says not to align binaries on a Win98-friendly boundary. /opt:nowin98 builds will still load and run under Win98 without a problem, but the loading time could be longer. Also, when images get above 24KB, the /opt:nowin98 seems not to much of an affect on the size of the image.