March 9, 2004 tools

Genghis v0.5 Released

After much delay (man, this Microsoft gig keeps a person busy), I’m happy to announce Genghis v0.5:

  • New HtmlLinkLabel class from Jeff Key that knows how to launch IE and EXEs directly w/o requiring you to handle the event
  • Much prettier images in SimplePad from Chris Burrows
  • Updated MRU code from Michael Weinhardt to match .NET event signature conventions and to fix a problem when using more than one MRU components on a single menu
  • Updated FileSearchEngine code from Mike Marshall to check for whole words at beginning and end of line correctly
  • Updated validation code from Michael Weinhardt with support for validating controls at a container level, e.g. validating controls on a tab instead of on an entire form
  • New gradient progress bar from Mike Marshall
  • Updated FileDocument from Chris Sells to match text of Windows Forms Programming to include more MFC-like features like a pluggable scheme for serialization handling, registration of document extension with the shell, and adding to recent docs, i.e. Start->Documents
  • Updated HandleCollector from Ethan Brown to work with .NET 1.0 and .NET 1.1
  • Performance enhancements from Ethan Brown in the MappedDrives and SystemShares classes
  • New user-resizable panel from Ethan Brown
  • Updated WebCommandLineHelper from Andrew Duncan to fix System.IO.FileLoadException in ieexec.exe
  • Updated AniForm from Mike Marshall to support stacking ala SharpReader and fix a terminal server-related bug
  • Updated cool menu sample from Chris Burrows with additional support for abstracting commands from click even handlers
  • Enjoy.