March 2, 2004 .net

Jon Udell Sends Home the .NET Report Card

I’m always nervous about going to see the teacher about my kids’ performance this year. They’re both very bring, but the older one is easily bored (like his father) and the younger one is social and emotional charged (like his mother). Also, I’m of the belief that at this age (9 and 8), the parents still have an enormous influence over their children, which includes how well they do in school. All of that is wrapped up into that 20-minute meeting at those tiny little desks and it’s nerve-wracking.

On the other hand, I find myself pleasantly surprised by Jon Udell’s .NET Report Card. To be sure, there is room for improvement (Don always says, The largest room in the world is the room for improvement” : ), but two As and two Bs is pretty damn good in this age of very high expections, so I’m a proud 2nd cousin right now (the product teams are the real parents, of course).