February 16, 2004

Akimbo: The Internet Television Network


At Demo, Robert finds Akimbo, which marries a Personal Video Recorder to the video content currently being produced for the Internet. For those Internet programs that haven’t already done so, I assume that they’ll be adding commercials, but right now, this is what cable used to be before they started charging me a monthly rate to watch ads. I don’t know anything about pricing and I’d like to be able to try it out on my PC first w/o any extra hardware, but Akimbo seems like the next logical step of turning any TV into a view on a/v content, whether it’s live or cached, broadcast or downloaded.

The final step, I think, is to be able to consume any of my cached a/v from any PC/TV in my house, whether the a/v is cached manually by ripping a CD or DVD or whether it’s cached automatically via a hunk of PVR software running on a server. Can I do that today w/o spending thousands of dollars? Is the XBox Media Center Extender the answer?