January 17, 2004

This Ain’t a Technical Blog

Just so folks know, I feel no responsibility whatsoever to keep my postings on sellsbrothers.com to a specific topic. If I want to post my political views, I’ll do so. If that bothers you, I suggest you unsubscribe now as complaints about the subject matter for my posts will fall on deaf ears.

Also, there’s an undoc’d feature on my site that might interest folks. I have topic-specific RSS feeds that correspond to the categories of topics that I post. For example, the Longhorn DevCenter Editor’s Blog is fed from http://sellsbrothers.com/news/rss2.aspx?category=longhorn so that only Longhorn-specific topics show up on that page. If you’d like to form your own topic-specific RSS feed URL, I currently use the following categories:

  • Tools
  • Longhorn
  • Spout
  • Conference
  • Fun
  • Writing
  • Money

However, I post a lot of stuff that’s uncategorized and the only way to get that stuff is to subscribe to the main RSS feed.