October 1, 2003

MS Send comments on this topic” really works!

Here. If you see a little Send comments on this topic” link, it launches an email to MS where you can complain about the docs, e.g. the .NET Mutex ctor. I had always ignored that link, thinking that I’d never get a response to email sent that way, but I was wrong. In fact, when one of the readers of my WinForms book [1] was trying to mix single-instance detection and no-touch deployment, he found that he couldn’t. When he looked at the Mutex docs, they didn’t list the appropriate permissions that creating a named Mutex requires. So he complained. And he got a response w/in 24 hours! And I got dragged into the ensuing conversation to fix the problem! I had *no* idea that little link would yield those kinds of results. Today I am proud to be a Microsoft employee. : ) [1] http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0321116208