September 6, 2003 money

Bloomberg University: Required Reading

Here. The recent economic conditions caused me to become very interested in not just making money (I’ve always been a capitalist : ), but also in keeping a careful eye on it. In the past, I’ve let most of the keeping an eye on it” be done by a financial advisor (I’ve had one since I was 22). These days, I have a stack of financial books that I’m reading [1] and it’s been a fabulous educational experience. Given the supreme importance of money in our society, I think everyone should know the basics of money management. I’m very disappointed that I made it all the way through high school, let alone college, with no more instruction then how to fill in a check (something we want folks to do less of, not more!). Towards that end, I really love Bloomberg University’s no-frills financial tutorials, including one on the basics of a 401(k) and another on the basics of investing. They provide just the tip of the iceberg and I could recommend a lot of other reading, but this is a good place to start for folks that want to actually keep the money they make. [1]