December 20, 2009 spout

Stead Defines Customer’

And here’s one more from the paper file I’m putting into electronic format to reduce the pile of papers in my life:

During the all-associate broadcast, Jerre Stead shared with the team a memo another associate had sent about defining a customer. Here are the highlights:

  • Customers are individual companies with unique needs.
  • Customers are struggling with their competitors for success.
  • Customers are people with feelings and opinions, therefore relationships and experiences matter.
  • Customers will judge us by our performance, not by our words.
  • Customers are influenced by every contact with us, each and every day.

Customer Must Not’s”

  • We must not import our products or ideas on customers.
  • We must not ask customers to deal with people who cannot make decisions.
  • We must not make customers wrestle with our bureaucracy.
  • We must not allow any question, issue or awkwardness go unattended or unresolved.
  • We must never unpleasantly surprise our customer.
  • We must never, never take a customer for granted.

Customer Can’s”

  • We can help the customer succeed - make our customers winners.
  • We can provide greater value to our customers than our competitors can.
  • We can measure ourselves from the viewpoint of our customers.
  • We can put decision-making close to our customers.
  • We can continuously improve to better serve our customers.