May 26, 2009 oslo

Oslo May 2009 CTP Available Now

The May 2009 CTP of Oslo” available on the Developer Center contains a new unified setup, an Intellipad with an integrated DSL authoring mode, the UML domain and the CLR domain, a slimmed-down SDK with the samples and the documents available on the DevCenter, a unified tool set for the M” language and, the one that folks have been most anticipating, Quadrant.

For more details about what’s new, check out the letter from Kraig and Kent and the release notes. Also, in the coming weeks and months, Kraig and Kent have a pipeline of content for the DevCenter to keep you informed about how we’re using Oslo” and how you can use it better. If you’ve got suggestions, please use the Connect site and don’t hesitate to post your questions on the forum.