March 4, 2009 oslo

January 2009 Oslo” SDK Refresh

The Oslo” team heard you! There was some regression in the quality of the bits” in the Jan CTP from the PDC CTP that affected you guys in our 3-pane mode for grammar editing in Intellipad (aka the bits are worse than they used to be). It was just a sample, but it’s so so useful, that language developers are using the hell out of it, which means they’re running into performance and robustness issues” (which means it was slow and crashed) and we’ve fixed the worst ones in the January 2009 Oslo” SDK Refresh.

You have to uninstall the three things that are called Oslo” before you install and there are no new features or other changes — this is just to make the 3-pane mode better.

Please bang on it, ask your questions and report your issues. Thanks!

Oh, and 3-pane mode will be an official part of the product in future CTPs, so it will receive the same testing love as the rest of the project. We heard you!