February 1, 2008 fun

I woke up today and decided to win the lottery

And so I did the only thing I could to do increase my odds — I actually played the lottery. (I blame my inability to apply this strategy for my lottery losings in the past.)

I did a little research and then went to two local Plaid Pantries to purchase the Oregon Lottery Trio.”

At the first Plaid Pantry, an thin, stringy haired older lady behind the counter blinked in surprise when she saw me and then laughed to herself.

I just saw your geek pin. It’s so subtle… geek…” she said. I wish I would’ve paid more attention to geeks when I was growing up. I only paid attention to the rockers.”

Well, that’s pretty common,” I said.

But they’re dumb and self-centered!”

Yeah, but they get all the girls…”

Well, I’m not a girl anymore and I prefer nerds. They’re more stimulating!”

Well,” I said. On behalf of the geek community, thank you.”

She smiled, handed me my tickets and I left proud of my geek heritage.

At the second Plaid Pantry, a crowd had formed at the front desk. I got to the front of the line and a little old lady with a plastic tiara was cutting into a homemade chocolate fudge cake. The lady behind the counter said, It’s her birthday! And we love her!”

Your birthday!” I said.

The birthday girl said, Yep, don’t you see my 65-year-old birthday crown?”

Lovely,” I said. Happy birthday!”

The lady behind the counter said, Well, no one was going to make a cake, so I did. That oughta be against the law.”

I agreed and placed my Trio order. On the way out, I was happy to have been even a short part of that woman’s birthday at the local convenience store where she was loved.

I decided to walk across the street to the locally owned coffee shop, tucked away off the main streets, fighting for survival against the Starbucks juggernaut. I walked in, said good morning to Ju, the owner and proprietor, who immediate started making my standard order. I haven’t been there for months, but he still remembered what I wanted.

It’s already been a good day. Think how much better it’ll be after they announce my winning numbers? : )