December 12, 2007 spout

Conversing In Italian over the Interweb

Yesterday I got an email from a fellow named Corrado Cavalli to whom I sent a free copy of Programming WPF. When he received it and read through it, he posted a note on his web site, which of course, I went to read.

Now, Corrado lives in San Pellegrino Terme, Bergamo Italy, so his blog is in Italian. That didn’t stop me from reading it in English using Google’s language translation page.

Then, just to be cheeky” as my Australian friends say, I composed simple responses in English and translated them to Italian before posting them, you know, pretending I’m smart and international and such like. : )

To be somewhat confident I wasn’t asking him for improper knowledge of his dog, I did the Italian to English translation on the translated text and rearranged my English it bit when it wasn’t quite right.

All in all, I’d say it worked out pretty well, although I did get some flowers from his dog the other day…