August 23, 2006 fun

I listen to one podcast: HanselMinutes

Scott created his podcast with the idea of not wasting his listeners’ time and he’s done it. HanselMinutes is the only podcast I listen to. In fact, I prepared for a long car drive by filling my phone w/ episodes I hadn’t hear yet and listened all the way (except when I called Scott to complain about one of them : ).

Not only does Scott have a fabulous list of topics for the Windows developer, but the way he explains them is wonderful, too. I don’t know where the guy finds the time to do all the stuff he talks about; I’m jealous!

In fact, I’m so enamored of his show, I’ve been trying to horn my way onto an episode (and not just cuz he had very nice things to say about me recently [19:53 - 21:12]). I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but either way, if you only listen to one podcaster this year, it should be Scott.