July 29, 2006 spout

Laura Foy makes on10.net for me

I had my first on 10 experience today (I was following the links to the PhotoSynth stuff) and I have to say, I instantly fell in love with Laura Foy. I know that Erica Wiechers (of The .NET Show and MSDN TV) has a huge geekboy fan base (and it was fun to work with her @ MSDN), but Laura’s interviewing style and her personality made me subscribe to her interviewer-specific RSS feed on 10.

In fact, Laura makes me wish I did something besides developer-related stuff. What do I have to do to be interviewed by Laura Foy?!?

P.S. I wanted to title this blog entry Laura Foy is a major babe,” but Laura is a fellow Microsoft employee and that would be inappropriate. Also, the whistling and cat calls would be way out…