January 19, 2006 fun

Looking for an Xbox 360

I got my first hands on Xbox 360 demo today and I want one! Unfortunately, MS employees aren’t treated specially, i.e. there isn’t a big warehouse full of 360s for us at the MS Store. However, there is an internal mailing list filled with rapid pre and post-360 purchasers that showed me several resources to use to find 360s:

  • 360 Tracker, a WinForms app to find stores in my area with 360s in stock. Will alert me via email and my cell phone as well as on my computer screen. It’s running now.
  • NotifyWire.com, a web site that will filter for online sales in my price range and notify me via email and SMS. I’ve created my account.
  • xbox360tracker.com, a web site that shows online sales and their in-stock status. Available as an RSS feed, so that’s a reason to run one again! : )

I don’t want any fancy bundles and I don’t want to purchase online — I want the premium bundle and I want to walk out of the store with it. Is that so much to ask?