January 18, 2006 spout

I Hate Books

I hate that indexes suck and that they don’t support full text searching across my entire collection.

I hate that I have to guess which ones I’ll need or want so that I can carry them with me.

I hate that I need a light to read them, potentially bothering the driver or a sleeping spouse.

I hate moving them, making shelves for them and searching for them on the shelves.

I hate that I can’t take notes in them — not even the ones I own — without breaking out into a cold sweat (although, to be fair, that’s more about my librarian mother than the book itself : ).

I hate that I have to buy a book twice if I want to listen to it instead of read it (and I hate that there’s no way to pronounce pictures or code).

I hate that if the local book store doesn’t have a book, that I have to wait for somebody to deliver it.

I hate that my local book store doesn’t have reviews of the book, whereas my on line book store doesn’t let me flip to whatever page I want.

The one thing I don’t hate about books is the content. That part triggers my thoughts and my emotions in me that are so strong, I put up with all the things I hate so I can get to it.

Why isn’t there an iPod for books (is it because iBook is already taken)? Why isn’t all print media, e.g. novels, poems, comic books, news papers, magazines, etc, available in electronic format?