October 8, 2005 spout

I’m also a huge Ian fan, as you should be

Ian Griffiths, my co-author on Programming Windows Presentation Foundation, is very well worth your attention.

He was a colleague of mine at DevelopMentor and now teaches for PluralSight.

I’m on a private mailing list filled with the smartest people I know and Ian is the one we look to for the definitive word on a wide variety of wacky technologies. In spite of his tendency to write long missives covering huge areas (or because of it), he’s the one guy I always read on that list. He’s also graces the off topic mailing list a great deal and, of course, the blogesphere.

Ian wrote the XAML Appendix that Don so loves, as well as half the rest of the WPF book, including layout, custom controls and resources, all of which I constantly refer to. It goes without saying that his feedback made a huge difference in the quality of my own writing. When I asked Ian to co-author with me, I knew I was obtaining one of the community’s most potent secret weapons.

If you’re not an Ian Griffiths fan yet, you soon will be.