July 5, 2005 fun

Taking a break from writing on Saturday to see FF

Rich is tired of me blowing off the local nerd events, so he set up something he knows I can’t stay away from: an afternoon showing of Fantastic Four. I’m an FF fan from way back (every time Don signs his emails nuf said I get a little tingle of nostalgia). I’m been loving the Ultimate Fantastic Four trade paperbacks (that’s what adults call comic books that have been collected into a bigger, more expensive book).

I don’t have much hope that this movie will be any good, but the Brothers Sells and I can’t not go. Feel free to join us! Rich has picked the 12:25pm showing on Saturday, July 9th, at the new Century 16 Cedar Hill Crossing theater that I love, just to make sure there would be no way I could say no.” Plus, I’ll be deep in the throes of finalizing the Avalon book chapters that day (along with every other day this week — what a way to burn vacation days), so any excuse to avoid the writing will be good. Come one, come all!