September 25, 2004 fun

Clean Sweep @ Casa de Sells

Selling the books and comics you’ll never read again: $1479
Conducting *2* garage sales and selling the play structure the boys don’t frequent anymore: $2552
Finding your wife’s 6-month old pay check in a pile of papers: $1640
Regaining the use of more than the front 2″ of every drawer and cabinet in the house: priceless

Today at Casa de Sells we completed a 9-month long whole-house Clean Sweep, literally touching everything we own and deciding whether to keep it, sell it or trash it. We didn’t actually remodel anything while our stuff was on the lawn, but the whole place seems much bigger since emptying the things we no longer used out of the house and completely filling a 2-car garage before hauling the stuff off to Powell’s book store (they buy as well as sell) and conducting not one but two giant garage sales in two separate neighborhoods. The $5671 we earned along the way was just found money (especially Melissa’s paycheck… : ).