September 23, 2004

Tim Ewald On MSDN2 Internals

Tim Ewald, the architect of the MSDN2 web site (still in alpha) talks about how and why it was built and points out some undocumented features, particularly in the new URL by alias scheme.

Plus, I don’t know if it’s not experiencing the load of the old site yet or that it’s not built from HxS files, but MSDN2 smokes perf-wise. Highly recommended.

Also, if you want to know Tim’s thoughts on building giant, scalable web sites based on XML and web services (both input internally and hopefully output externally someday), check out his keynote at the Applied XML Developer’s Conference, October 20-21. We’ve already sold out once and had to request more space, so register quickly.

BTW, since Tim no longer works at Microsoft (bad for us), you should get a lot more candid view on what he really thinks in his keynote (good for you). I, for one, can’t wait. : )