August 13, 2004 conference

Register Now: Applied XML Dev.Conf. 10/20-21


Every year it gets harder to pick speakers for the DevCon. This year, I had 4x the number of submissions for which I had available slots. So, while it’s hard for me to pick, it makes for a fabulous line up for attendees:

For speakers, we’ve got keynotes from Tim Bray (co-inventor of XML) and Tim Ewald. We’ve also got Don Box, Sam Ruby, Jeff Barr (of, Keith Brown, Scott Hanselman, Chris Anderson, Doug Purdy, Ted Neward, Rich Salz and more.

For subjects, we’ll hear about the present and future of the blogging community, how MSDN plans to expose it’s huge store of content via web services, Schematron, XSLT2, web services versioning, how 3rd parties are making use of’s services for profit and how the Navy is using XML to test their missile systems.

For venue, we’ve got the site of my first technical talk ever, Skamania Lodge, a beautiful resort just 40 minutes from the Portland Int’l Airport. And since the conference is Wed-Thu (10/20-21), bring the family and extend your stay over the weekend!

All of the previous 4 DevCons have sold out, so you should register quickly (and don’t forget to make your hotel reservations, too)!

For all the conference and hotel details, click here.