July 24, 2004 fun

What Kinds of Cars Do Microsofties Drive?

Brad Smith writes:

I just found your site. I love it!!! It is now a regular read for me.

I read The Human Side of Microsoft post on your site and had an idea… What about getting a bunch of people to list what car they drive (or what they used for transport if it is not a car). Aussies tend to be a bit car crazy and you can tell a lot about a person by how they get around!! :-)

Just an idea…. Take it easy mate.

Brad Smith
Canberra, Australia”

Brad, I drive a 1998 Volkswagen Cabrio covertible. It’s kinda funny looking and it’s a semi-girly color (white), but I fit in it with the top up (I have a long torso, so that’s a problem in most convertibles), it’s got a good service record, it gets good gas mileage and the Sells brothers still fit in the back (although not for much longer).

Can the other 55,999 Microsoft employees post what kind of car they drive from Brad? Thanks.