June 18, 2004 tools

The VS Keybinding Randomizer Is An Actual Person

Joe Nalewabau, a Lead PM on the Visual C# team, admitted today that he was responsible for the VC# keyboard randomization process for Visual Studio 2005 and describes the thought process that he went through to get there. I admit that Joe makes a good case for changing the key bindings, but I hate the idea of learning a whole new set (especially since, because I’m a keyboard boy, I’ll be crippled until I learn the new bindings). If Joe would swear on a stack of user manuals that the key bindings would never, ever change again, I’d be happier about it. (Rocky: Again? That trick never works!” Bullwinkle: This time fur shure!“)

Of course, what I think doesn’t matter (it stopped mattering when I signed that damned employment contract : ). It’s what you think that matters and you should feel free to let him know what you think about the new VC# 2005 key bindings.