May 24, 2004 tools

A Gathering of VS05 Team System Info

I find that in the process of learning about something, I often dig through a lot of places before I come up with what I’m looking for.

In the case of Visual Studio 2005 Team System (aka Burton”), I wanted to know a lot more about the features that MS was building into VS for teams, including much more flexible source code control integration, web site functionality and stress testing, static code analysis like FxCop and perf. analysis built right into the build system and stats recording as part of the normal workflow for project management reporting.

In the process of gathering these details, here are the places I went:

Here are some things that tickled my fancy:

  • Data binding to drive web site testing. I want the same thing for stand-along client testing
  • The real-time stats and drill-down for ongoing web site stress testing
  • Building static code analysis right into the build process so that I can fix those issues along with my compiler issues
  • The idea of collecting project stats as part of what the developer is doing in VS and using those to roll-up conprehensive stats for the whole team
  • Seeing our own internal tools, like PREfast, made available to our customers and integrated so nicely into VS