May 12, 2004 spout

Your Should Be Using an RSS Reader for Everything!

Ryan Farley posted today that he agreed with Josh Ledgard who said that you should use an RSS Reader for readings blogs instead of surfing to web pages. Josh finds that when he does this, it focuses him on the interesting posts and doesn’t waste his time reading stuff just cuz it comes from someone that interests you sometimes.

So, RSS Reader: good. Surfing to blogs via a web browser: bad. Duh! : )

Ryan goes on to say that my blog should be the expectation, i.e. that you should surf to every day for my blog entries even if you use RSS for everyone else. While I appreciate the complement, Ryan, I can’t think of *anyone* that deserves that kind of treatment. If my entries aren’t interesting to you, then don’t slow yourself down to read them just cuz it’s me.

Now, having said that, I sort my unread blog entries in #R by Author so that I can see all of Craig’s posts at once and pay special attention to them (along with several others). Does that mean they don’t need to be interesting? No. But, I do have that extra visual speed bump to slow me down a tad to double-check for interesting.