May 16, 2001 spout

Other Blogs


My spout page is just one of literally thousands of web logs (“blogs”) available on the net. These are a few of the ones that I like:

  • SlashDot. This is the first blog I ever saw and it’s still really cool. Lots of Linux stuff, of course, but also lots of fun  general-purpose technology stuff.
  • BetaNews. This has no commentary. It’s just a list of software that’s gone into beta recently. I often find interesting stuff here.
  • Joel on Software. Joel Spolsky is an ex-Microsofty who runs Fog Creek Software and has a lot of really good ideas when it comes to how to build software. He often says what I think, so I think he’s a genius. : )
  • Dot Net Dan’s. Dan Green aka Dot Net Dan,” is a guy who really likes .NET and once mentioned me right between Joel Spolsky and Stephen Hawking, so I think he’s cool. : )
  • The CodeProject. This is my favorite code posting site by far. There’s something new there daily and I almost always start there when I’m looking for a hunk of code.
  • ActiveWin. This one is mostly an excuse to pay homage to Microsoft, but there’s interesting Windows news up often enough that I still visit pretty regularly.
  • Jason Whittington: Managed Space blog. Jason’s another DevelopMentor guy heavy into .NET and particularly garbage collection (at least for the moment — most of us have fairly short attention spans… : ).