August 3, 2001 spout

Hanging Out My Shingle

Friday, 8/3/01

For the last three years, I’ve been in management. Oh, it started innocently enough. When the team was small, I was only managing a little bit. However, as the team grew and we got closer and closer to shipping our first product, I spent less and less time doing anything technical and more and more time managing. Eventually, I was doing nothing but dealing with the rest of the company and potential customers and enabling” everyone else. Luckily, Don Box, co-founder of DevelopMentor and my long-time mentor, noticed that I’d been swept right out of the things that I loved the most. And he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse…

Now I’m back on the consulting, teaching, writing, development train and loving it. I’ve been all over .NET for about a year, but now I get to concentrate on it full-time. If you’d like any consulting help in the area of .NET (or even COM and ATL), I’m here for you. Pass the word along. Thanks!