May 10, 2002 spout

Now the Fun Begins

Last night at 4:46pm, Sara Williams announced the availability of Microsoft’s 4+ years of labor: the Microsoft .NET Framework, v1.0. And then, at 5:59pm, the great land rush to download the matching VS.NET bits began. Here are some links you may find interesting as you move to the RTM of  .NET and VS.NET:

Here are some fun facts for you:

  • The compressed VS.NET Enterprise Architect download is 1.8GB and it took my puny cable model 4+ hours to download.
  • It took my laptop (574MHz, 512MB RAM) 30+ minutes to unzip.
  • The resulting pre-installed folder was 2.45GB.
  • The .NET runtime build number is 3705.
  • The VS.NET build number is 9466.
  • The codename for .NET was Lightning” (hence the ildasm icon).
  • The codename for C# was Cool” (hence the C# is Cool” t-shirt).
  • Mike Woodring’s most excellent asmstats tool reveals the following:

    Done processing c:\windows\\Framework\v1.0.3705.
    Processed 69 assemblies comprising 70 modules.

    Types: 8,866 (of any kind)
    Classes: 5,602 (2,183 public)
    Attributes: 297 (257 public)
    Delegates: 334 (213 public)
    Interfaces: 983 (659 public)
    Enums: 1,085 (710 public)
    Value types: 565 (121 public)

    Members: 414,990 (of any kind, instance and static)
    Methods: 281,630 instance, 12,797 static
    Events: 13,160 instance, 24 static
    Properties: 44,689 instance, 1,233 static
    Fields: 28,478 instance, 32,979 static

Congrats to the Microsoft .NET team for a job well done!