August 3, 2002 spout

Industry Burn-Out

Do you feel it? I do and I know that a bunch of my friends do. The whole IT industry is in recovery from the crashing lows that can only happen after impossible highs. In recent conversations, I hear terms like burned out,” bitter” and jaded” coming up again and again in our conversations. Since I got into this industry just as it was idling before take off, I have no frame of reference, but I’m guessing that things will level off at a bit better cash flow than right now, but much better morale.

The question is, how long will it take for the energy and excitement to come back? I know that I’m still healing from a three-year stint on my last big project, and even though I have an itch to try something else, I fantasize about trying my hand at another industry. I always figured that the shake-out would make the bottom feeders leave for something else, but now that we seemed to have settled on good, although not great, salaries and benefits and shaky processes at best, how many of the top folks will just bail from something else? I haven’t actually seen anyone I respect leave for greener pastures, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that things will turn around.