April 21, 2003 spout

Look with favor upon a bold beginning”

A couple of weeks ago, I was having lunch with my wife at a little Chinese restaurant. My fortune was the title of this spout piece. I immediately associated it with my recent job interview at Microsoft and it made me smile. I had already pretty much decided to take the job, but it was nice that the Universe agreed with me. : )

Right now I’m sitting in NEO (New Employee Orientation) for Microsoft employees. Not only is it a cool name, but the nice folks at Microsoft provide a wireless network for new folks that can’t spent hours w/o one (although I’m the only one that’s geeky enough to have his laptop out at the moment : ). I start today as a Content Strategist on the MSDN content team at Microsoft, Corp. I’ll be in charge of the Longhorn DevCenter. A DevCenter is a section of the MSDN web site that focuses on a specific technology area, like the XML/Web Services DevCenter.

Longhorn is Microsoft’s next major operation system (and different than Windows Server 2003, which is the OS that Microsoft is launching this month). I can’t (yet) say anything more about Longhorn except that it’s cool enough that I took a job at MS so that I could get my hands on it. If you are dying for more info on Longhorn, but aren’t quite ready to change your employment arrangements to get it, check out the PDC in October. And, if you stop by and say hi,” I’ll show you the implant scars… : )