August 20, 2004 interview

Some of the MS Interview Process Filmed (Finally!)

Channel9 did what I was unable to ever get done: filmed some of the interview process (part 1, part 2 and part 3). It’s not an actual interview, but Gretchen Ledgard and Zoe Goldring, both Central Sourcing Consultants at HR for MS, lead you through what to expect at a Microsoft interview, providing a wealth of wonderful tips, e.g.

  • MS is casual, so it doesn’t matter so much what you where (i.e. don’t feel you have to wear a suit, but don’t show up in flip-flops and headphones around your neck [still playing!]). Regardless of what you where, it’s what’s in your head that’s important.
  • Interact a lot of with the interviewer. Ask questions, think out loud, etc. The questions are meant to be vague and again, it’s about what’s going on in your head, so verbalize it.
  • Bring water if you’re thirsty, not coffee, as spilling coffee is going to leave a much more lasting stain/impression.
  • MS rarely asks logic/riddle questions anymore. They’re not a good indicator of a good employee.
  • Expect coding questions if you’re a dev, testing questions if you’re a tester and passion questions no matter what.
  • If an MS recruiter calls, don’t expect them to have a specific job in mind. Instead, expect to be asked what you’d like to do at MS.
  • If the first interview doesn’t take, it may well be that you’re right for MS but not right for that job. It can literally take years to find the right job for you at MS.

BTW, I have to say that I never got a ride on an HR shuttle. I guess they save that for the good” hires… : )