January 21, 2005 interview

Jason Olson’s Microsoft Interview Advice

Jason Olson recently interviewed for an SDE/T position (Software Development Engineer in Test) at Microsoft and although he didn’t get it, he provides the following words of advice for folks about to interview for the first time:

  • Just Do It
  • Remember, no matter how much you might know your interviewer, it is important to not forget that it is still in interview
  • Pseudocode! Pseudocode! Pseudocode!
  • But, as long as you verbalize what you’re thinking you should be in pretty good shape
  • Bring an energy bar or something to snack on between breaks in order to keep your energy level up
  • [B]ring a bottle of water and keep it filled up
  • A lunch interview is still an interview!
  • Know the position you’re interviewing for [ed: unless you’re interviewing for an editing position, in which case you should know the position for which you’re interviewing]
  • Your interview day is not only your opportunity to be interviewed, but also your opportunity to interview the team/company

You can read the full story on his web site.