October 10, 2002 fun

Top 10 Reasons You Know Youve Been Hacking Too Many Web Services…

  1. You start using URIs to address real envelopes while paying the bills
  2. You use XPath to refer to family members
  3. You can’t understand why nobody thinks that SOAP is simple” anymore
  4. You try to determine what portTypes your spouse exposes
  5. You don’t have any trouble expanding BPL4WS
  6. You prefer to write code to find something on Google
  7. You ask for vanilla instead of doc/lit
  8. You purchase the Infoset” license plate for your car
  9. You challenge people to say UDDIs UUIDs” 10 times fast
  10. You no longer see the angle brackets, just blond, brunette, redhead”

Reasons from Aaron Skonnard, Tim Ewald and Chris Sells
Presented at the Web Services DevCon East
Thu 10/10/2002, 8:55am