February 26, 2004 spout

Same-Sex Marriages *Should* Be Allowed

Being from the Midwest (and big and dumb-looking besides), most folks assume I’m a homophobic. As it turns out, I’ve known a few homosexuals in my life, but not very many. Or rather, I suspect that I know a lot more of them then I recognize, but I never think about it. I never think about it because it doesn’t matter.

Real love is rare enough that people should be able to love and live and *marry* whoever the hell they want to and I resent a government that thinks that they get to decide who’s love counts and who’s love doesn’t count (although I do support parents being able to decide whether their minor children should be able to marry).

So, I’m with Robert Scoble on this one: Homosexual couples should be treated by society the same as heterosexual couples.”

BTW, you can save yourself the trouble of responding if you’re going to say anything other than +1”, as I won’t be responding to any kind of negative comments on this issue. There is literally nothing you can say to change my mind, so don’t even try.