February 16, 2004

Physics Prof. Doesn’t Even Pretend to Be Normal

There are two kinds of geeks:

  1. Geeks that try to hide it
  2. Geeks that embrace it

Since it became obvious very early to me that geeks of the #2 sort find it nearly impossible to get girls, I learned in college to hide my geekness in mixed company (mostly : ). For example, I absolutely have to have a cell phone small enough for my front pocket because the Batman utility belt look just doesn’t say breed with me.”

On the other hand, geeks of the #2 sort are the ones that keep a Star Trek convention going every weekend of the year somewhere on the planet, fill comic book conventions and, apparently, teach physics based on why Krypton just *had* to explode. You gotta respect someone that’s willing to embrace their true inner self to the point of risking their ability to even practice contributing to the genepool…