January 9, 2004 tools

My First .NET Tool Gets An Update


Given Aaron’s wonderful set of .NET XML tools, I don’t know why Tony Malandain found my little xmlValid tool for checking XML well-formedness and schema validness, but he did and then added the ability to take XML input from stdin (he apparently uses it to check compressed SVG files).

What makes this kind of unusual is that I built this tool almost 2.5 years ago. In fact, it was the first .NET tool I posted on my site. Before that, it was all C++ and COM, although almost none of that has gone up since. It was kind of fun digging into that code again. I spent a bunch of time rearranging it to map more closely to my current .NET coding style not because it added any more functionality but because I couldn’t stand not to. This developer thing is just a sickness, isn’t it? : )