November 4, 2003

re: Author anxieties over RSS

Here. In my post last night [1], I was using exaggeration to make a point. The point was that the new openness of Microsoft product teams is a *good* thing. The evidence of this new openness is the blog, which puts all kinds of "why" knowledge on the web in google form for future developers. I was crying wolf a bit when I said that blogs/openness would put authors like me out of work. It might put some authors/consultants/speakers out of work, but as Mike Abercrombie at DevelopMentor used to say, "There's always room in the market for quality." Or, in other words, there will always be a need for *good* books, articles, conference talks, training courses, etc. I'll just have to try to write well from now on, that's all. : ) [1] P.S. I appreciate all the offers of encouragement and hugs that I got from this post [1]. It's nice to know folks care and hard to believe that anyone would ever consider me "subtle." On the other hand, I was accused of claiming to have invented Java the other day, so maybe I need to post another naked picture or something... : )