May 6, 2016 fun

Solitaire Redux

I’ve done a bunch of stuff related to Solitaire on my blog for some reason. I guess I’m a fan, although mostly these days I focusing my listening

September 13, 2015 colophon

Moved to Blot

You’re reading this on the 5th version of my blog. The first was a set of static text files I managed in FrontPage. The editing was nice (once it

September 12, 2015 spout

Choose HTML for UI Development

On Sept. 10, 2015, Winston Kodogo writes: Hey Chris, if you’re feeling happy enough to blog, how about a post giving us your current thoughts on

September 5, 2015 colophon

Blog Past and Future

This blog started as a single static page in 1995 as a set of links to provide to my students while I was teaching at DevelopMentor. I would like to

January 4, 2015 .net spout

Handling Orientation Changes in Xamarin.Forms Apps

By default, Xamarin.Forms handles orientation changes for you automatically, e.g. Xamarin.Forms handles orientation changes automatically In this

January 2, 2015 .net spout

Launching the Native Map App from Xamarin.Forms

My goal was to take the name and address of a place and show it on the native map app regardless of what mobile platform on which my app was

January 1, 2015 .net spout

App and User Settings in Xamarin.Forms Apps

Settings allow you to separate the parameters that configure the behavior of your app separate from the code, which allows you to change that

November 1, 2014 spout

Microsoft Fan Boy Goes To Google

In 1992, I was a Unix programmer in Minneapolis. I’d graduated with a BS in Computer Science from the University of MN a year earlier and had

August 1, 2014 interview

Future Proof Your Technical Interviewing Process: Hiring or Not

This is the last in a 4-part series on how to interview well. Parts 1-3 covered the phone screen, the technical interview and the fit interviews. In

July 29, 2014 interview

Future Proof Your Technical Interviewing Process: The Fit Interviews

If you just found yourself here, you’ve stumbled onto a multi-part series on the technical interviewing process. Part 1 covered the phone screen and

July 24, 2014 interview

Future Proof Your Technical Interviewing Process: The Technical Interview

It’s incredibly important to interview well as you’re building your technical team. Further, interviewing well is hard to do and, like anything, you

July 21, 2014 spout interview

Future Proof Your Technical Interviewing Process: The Phone Screen

In 30 years, I’ve done a lot of interviewing from both sides of the table. Because of my chosen profession, my interviewing has been for technical

July 18, 2014 interview

Head of Google interviewing says “results matter, riddles don’t”

Google, like Microsoft, is famous for asking brain-teaser style questions during their interviews. However, in a June, 2013 interview with the New

July 17, 2014 spout

Moving My ASP.NET Web Site to Disqus

I’m surprised how well that my commentRss proposal has been accepted in the world. As often as not, if I’m digging through an RSS feed for a site

July 11, 2014 spout

Moving My Site to Azure: DNS & SSL

This part 3 of a multi-part series on taking a real-world web site (mine) written to be hosted on an ISP ( and moving it to the cloud

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