July 9, 2009 oslofeaturedcontent

Telerik Ships Alpha M”-Based Comparison Tool

Imagine you’ve shipped v1 of your database applications against a schema created from M”. Now, you’re about to ship the v2 of your database, but what about the v1 clients? Are the tables and views exposed from your database backward compatible or are you going to break those existing clients? How do you even find out?

Well, wonder no more! Telerik has shipped the alpha of their Oslo” comparison tool, which can compare v1 of your M” source code against v2 to see what’s changed and whether that’s going to break your v1 clients. And as if that weren’t enough, they’re working on another version of the tool that will create scripts so that you can migrate your v1 data to v2 after you’re satisfied that your v1 clients will continue to work.

And the best part? It’s all free! Download yours today.