May 23, 2006 spout

Don’t want to skew Amazon reviews

While I don’t mind being called tacky by one of this generation’s best technical writers, I do mind the idea that the folks that would abuse the system would skew the Amazon reviews. While I don’t hide the fact that I ask people to post reviews for my book, I’ve always been proud that I’ve never asked them what kind of review to post and, when Amazon’s system had a hiccup recently, none of my books had any reviews posted by me (unlike 50% of the other books on Amazon).

So, the idea that folks would just post a review having not even read the book was something I never considered (and why you don’t want me writing your security subsystem). So, consider this offer rescinded. You can post a review on Amazon or not, good or bad, as you choose.

However, as to the signed copies, I still want you to have those. So, the first 5 people to tell me the 2nd word in the 3nd paragraph of prose on page 444, I’ll send you a signed copy. Whether you purchase a copy or just go to the bookstore and look up the word is up to you.