November 8, 2005 spout

Have I missed anything?

I’ve noticed that various prolific bloggers feel the need to tell me that they’re going to stop blogging for more than 24 hours. That’s one of the things I love about RSS readers: no matter how long someone goes away, so long as I’m subscribed, I here their every utterance.

On the other hand, what I’ve come to hate about RSS readers is that nothing gets by me. Keeping track of absolutely everything was exhausting, so I went cold turkey. I’ve been off #R since I repaved my machine a coupla weeks ago. I still surf to about once/day, but that’s it. No Scobelizer. No Don. No Ian. No Dilbert or Gizmodo or any of the 100s of other items in my OPML that I can’t even remember. No RSS reader of any kind.

So far, I’m enjoying the extra time on my hands. Have I missed anything?