September 6, 2005 spout

I’m in

I feel like I’ve spent the last four days in hibernation, awaking like Rip Van Winkle to an entirely new environment. And while the new environment is still filled with boxes and won’t have internet, cable or phone til tomorrow, it’s still a very pleasant environment, flat so the boys can bike everywhere, near family, very near the schools, filled with friendly people (many of which have already introduced themselves and I’m worked double-hard this time to remember their names) and with plenty of potential for renovation (and the space that’s there is nice all by itself). There will definitely be an adjustment period, but overall, it was very nice to wake up in.

On a personal note, with the move, getting ready for PDC, my son’s birthday, my wife’s birthday and my 14th wedding anniversary, some of my personal relationships have suffered (I’m *so* sorry to have missed last week’s PND!). My have my apologies. I hope things will get better after the PDC!