June 9, 2005 spout

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

I was reminiscing today that I’ve been turned away from most decent places in my career:

  • I went to a stupid high school that raised my grades a full letter when I moved there from a decent school system, leaving me ill-prepared for college
  • I was turned away from MIT, CalTech and Stanford out of high school, settling for the U of MN instead
  • I didn’t even qualify for a phone screen from either Apple or Microsoft during or after college
  • I flunked most of my on-campus interviews and instead settled for a full-time position at the start-up where I’d worked during college (I was originally been hired there because it was run by alumni of my fraternity and I worked for beer money)

And yet, I got all I could out of every opportunity, performed all of the jobs I did manage to get with gusto, learned as much as possible and moved on to learn new things when it was time. Eventually, I found my way” and I think I did all right, but only because I didn’t let the door slams stop me. You shouldn’t either.