May 10, 2005

A Few More Books From My Current Stack

Here’re some other things I’ve been reading lately:

  • UML Distilled.” This one’s useful to figure out which way the arrows are pointing these days and what they’re filled with. Or rather, it was useful til I started playing with the class designer in VS05b2 which rocks hard. I was able to switch back and forth between the designer and code views, defining types and members in whichever view I found most convenient at the moment, confident in the knowledge that the other representation would be taken care of properly. It was a very satisfying experience.
  • Eclipse Modeling Framework.” I find the writing style in this book and the visuals of the tool being described both leave something to be desired, but the potential is there.
  • Building the Data Warehouse.” Of the three books on this list, this book is easily my favorite. The writing style is very readable and it’s just packed full of useful thinking. Highly recommended.