December 15, 2004 spout

Snorkeling Is Unbelievably Wonderful

I just got back from a 3-family, 6-day trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (“a pleasant fishing village paved over for tourist hotels”) and it was fabulous. Since it was before the high season,” we had the place practically to ourselves. In fact, even though it was an all-inclusive place, the wait staff probably outnumbered the guests 3 to 1 at any given time. And it wasn’t as if they skimped on the food or the drinks, either! Every day, we had a giant buffet for breakfast, snacks by the pool for lunch and a 3-hour, 5-course meal for dinner. Plus, the weather was great and the pools were heated, so it was practically perfect.

The one blemish was when we drove to La Paz and couldn’t get out again. The detour signs pointed the wrong directions and all of the highways had the same number. We literally left and returned to La Paz 4 times, including the time we had to drive the rent-a-car guy back to his offer when something on the road disabled our car and we had to get a replacement. In 10+ years of business travel, I’ve never taken the comprehensive insurance until that day. I only had to pay for the half of tank of gas that I couldn’t fill up myself because to do so would’ve destroyed the engine (the rental company failed at first to see this as an argument for charging me less than 4x the going rate for gas, but I did eventually talk them down to only charging me 2x the going rate…).

Oh, and snorkeling rocks! We went to a calm little beach with a driver that brought all of the equipment, kayaks and a cooler of beers! But, I was completely distracted at my first snorkeling expedition ever. At first, I was blown away at the clarity of what I could see under the water and the ease with which I could breath (I expected to swallow a lot of water). Then, I was completely freaked out at the shear number of fish under the water (thousands!), even in areas with humans inches away. I felt like I was in an undersea remake of Hitchcock’s Birds and any moment I was going to be bait (and there were no phone booths around in which to hide). Then, I was amazed at how I was simultaneously part of and not part of this new world I was floating over. I must’ve snorkeled for an hour straight without pulling my head up. It was unbelievable and I got to share it with my wife and kids who’d never snorkeled before either.

After this wonderful family vacation, I can’t tell you how relaxed I am. At 9:37am, I think I’m ready for my afternoon siesta… : )