October 10, 2004 .net

Rob Relyea on Fixing the XAML Attribute Grammar

Rob’s been talking about fixing various parts of XAML lately, which is exactly the kind of result you want when a bunch of folks work with your technology and give you feedback on it. So, things will change and get better.

However, Rob isn’t telling us just want the changes are likely to be because, as he puts it, I’m not going into great detail in the description of our fix because I’d prefer to be the first company to ship our design.  :-)”

Like Rob, I find this amusing. I grew up in a period of Microsoft’s life where they were much derided for leveraging” ideas from the rest of the world and repurposing them for use in Windows (or *as* Windows in some cases). Now that MS has caught up and passed most of the rest of the world in many crucial areas of technology, it’s nice to see us grow into the role of thought leader instead of follower.