July 22, 2004 fun

DM Karma

Ah, the bittersweet memories:

Maybe you have heard some of the stories about the [DevelopMentor] Brains? Brian Randell delivered a VSLive conference talk in a bath robe. Don Box delivered a conference talk in Amsterdam naked from the waist down. Chris Sells, not to be outdone, agreed to pose completely nude for an advertisement in a technical magazine whose readership is 95% male.”

It wasn’t an ad, actually. It was an official photo shoot for an article. Most of the pictures were normal, but they had to pick the naked one (although they did airbrush out the nipples and go another way for the cover : ).

Barry Kouda, Barracuda.NETs most recent hire, lists some of the other DevelopMentor alumni in a loving where are they now” kind of way.