July 12, 2004

General Windows Developer Numbers

JohnMont (who oughta know) provided these numbers today as quotable and public” so I thought I would:

  • There are ~6M professional developers worldwide, about 90% of whom target Windows
  • There are about 2.5M .NET developers
  • >60 of the Fortune 100 develop using .NET
  • Forrester says that 56% of enterprises in North America are choosing .NET for their development requirements vs. 44% choosing J2EE

According the legend (JohnMont didn’t comment on this part), 4-5M of those 6M developers targeting Windows are Visual Basic developers, which means that if they ever get tired of being made fun of by the C family of developers, we’re going to be trapped in phone booths while they descend on us like the birds in an Alfred Hitchcock movie